Our Providers

Integrative Mind Institute has carefully and selected providers in the mental health field that have a wide-range of experience and training working with clients to overcome everyday life issues using caring, evidence-based therapy techniques.

Chris Schneider therapist

Christine Schneider, Phd, LCSW

What I have found in my 20 years of experience in practicing, teaching and publishing in the field of therapy is that I learn something new from every client that I treat. The goal of therapy, in my opinion, is to provide enough emotional safety for clients to examine their lives and create a narrative that allows for growth and connection.

I have a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy and am certified in EMDR and trained in schema therapy, Internal Family Systems and neurofeedback. I present nationally on the topics of trauma, eating disorders, and interpersonal neurobiology. I teach human development, developmental trauma, and couples and family theory.

My goal is to provide all of the tools necessary to allow clients to get out of rigid cycles or emotional states that keep them stuck in negative behaviors.

Liz Irwin Therapist

Elizabeth Irwin, M.ED, LPC

Liz has experience treating eating disorders, addictions, developmental trauma, PTSD, relationship issues, bad body image, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders.

She is certified in EMDR and has received training in such therapeutic modalities as neurofeedback, interpersonal neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, family therapy, schema therapy, and somatic experiencing. She received her Masters of Education in Counseling from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and has since practiced in both residential treatment centers and outpatient settings.


Alex Solaro therapist

Alexandra Solaro, LPC

Alex is a licensed professional counselor and therapist at the Integrative Mind Institute in St. Louis, Missouri. She has experience treating individuals struggling with self-regulation, relationships and attachment, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress and has worked with clients in both outpatient and intensive treatment settings.  

Alex has received specialized training in the internal family systems (IFS) model of therapy, somatic experiencing and drama therapy. She is passionate about introducing clients to focused, experiential work that facilitates transformational change.


Alex is in network with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Healthcare.

Alison Greenlee Therapist

Alison Greenlee, LMSW

Alison has experience working with individuals with eating disorders, addiction, trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders in both intensive treatment and outpatient settings.

She has received training in EMDR, drama therapy, and sand tray and is currently an Intermediate year student in Somatic Experiencing. She is passionate about incorporating creativity and embodiment into the therapeutic process to create a new sense of self-awareness and to work towards living a more authentically connected life with oneself and in the world. 

Sarah Perry therapist

Sarah Perry, LCSW

Sarah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience treating attachment and developmental injury, eating disorders, personality and mood disorders, and trauma, primarily in an intensive treatment setting.

Sarah has received training in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing (in second year), and various expressive modalities (sand tray, psychodrama).  She also frequently utilizes IFS therapy, as well.

She is passionate about aiding clients in learning to authentically and adaptively connect with themselves and others. 

Sarah is in network with UHC insurance and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield


Cynthia Marsh

Cynthia Marsh, LMSW

Cynthia has experience with treating attachment & developmental issues, trauma, PTSD, eating disorders/disordered eating, addiction, relational issues, spirituality struggles, and mood disorders in both intensive treatment and outpatient settings.
She has received training in EMDR, Embodied Recovery (ERED), Common Elements Trauma Therapy (CETA), drama therapy, and neurofeedback. She also frequently utilizes IFS therapy and sand tray. She is passionate about equipping and encouraging clients to develop the needed tools to live a more holistic, authentic, and connected life.